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The power of easy runs requires more respect than we usually give

The Power Of Easy Runs

Why is it so hard to get easy runs right?   Attention always goes to the high flyers. The threshold runs, the VO2max intervals, the long runs, the hill repeats, they hog the limelight. What about the easy run?   […]

Habits Beat Motivation

Habits Beat Motivation

Motivation is over rated. You will do better putting effort into creating habits.   Motivation Is Limited   I’m not saying motivation isn’t any good. It is in fact quite powerful. Unfortunately it is finite. We all have so many […]


2018 Running Goals

Big goals have you do more than just go through the motions. I need to make my running come alive.   It has been too long since I’ve run something that feels big. Big doesn’t have to be distance. It […]

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Do You Run Everyday?

Every runner gets asked, do you run everyday?   For some the answer is yes. For most of us it is no.   To some degree I aim to run everyday. Looking back through my training logs I definitely haven’t […]