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Find That Running Feeling: Training Log

Improvement in running isn’t linear. Over the last few weeks I’ve had to remind myself running rewards consistent work over long periods of time. I’ve been frustrated my running hasn’t felt great. In the last few days I’ve finally manage to find that running feeling I chase.



Patience Grasshopper



Recovery from the Hard Core 100 Mile race has taken longer than I’ve wanted. In reality it has only been 8 weeks. When you go past your limits it should be expected recovery will take a long time.


But I’ve been impatient.


Impatience can set you back. Pushing too hard and too much before the body is able to absorb the workload can do more damage than good. Luckily I took some extra down time in the previous week. The result has been better running this week.


Find That Running Feeling



Speed and volume isn’t what has made this week better. Instead the feeling of running has improved. I’ve shaken off the heavy, flat feeling most of my runs have had. There is now a snap in my stride. Running is starting to feel natural and relaxed.


It is hard to describe. That running feeling where it just feels right. You know your body is absorbing the training. Your body is ready to take on the next challenges you throw at it.


Listening to your body is usually referenced when you take some recovery. If you listen carefully you will also here when it ready to run harder.



Training Log


The training log looked a little something like this:


  • Easy 60min
  • Regeneration 40min
  • Sleep – extra night shift
  • Easy 60min
  • Long 2.5 hours 24km + Easy with 30min with girls
  • Easy 60min
  • off

Total 64km