Thinking About Goals: Training Log

Thinking About Race goals racing versus training goals 2018

The week after the Surf Coast Century Relay was about recovery and thinking about goals.


I was unsuccessful in my 2018 Running Goals. More on that after we look at the last week of running.

The running was kept easy. Looking to feel more than comfortable on each run, but concentrating on keeping good form. The work was in staying away from the lazy running style that tries to sneak in after a race. For the most part I seemed to get this right.

  • Regeneration 4km
  • Regeneration 6km
  • Regeneration 10km
  • Day off
  • Easy, no watch, no goal, no GPS, possibly 8km
  • Easy 10km
  • Easy 10km

Total 50km / week


Thinking About Goals


I had 2 big goals for 2018:

  1. Wings For Life World Run (cover more than marathon distance)
  2. Hard Core 100 Mile (sub 24 hours, with back up of finish)

In the Wings For Life World Run I only managed 28.4km. A long way off the 42.195km. For the Hard Core 100 Mile I didn’t finish the race, having to pull out at 110km (50km short).

Naturally there is some disappointment. Surprisingly I still feel good about those races and my running for the year. You learn a lot from your mistakes and I learnt a lot this year.


Different Types Of Goals


At the moment I haven’t decided on any future goal races. Sorting out the family calendar comes first. Around that is where my running fits.


Race goals will come later. Now I’m working on training goals. At the moment I will be working on 2 goals:

  1. Improving the feel of running (remove the heavy feeling ultra distance running has created)
  2. Improve my fitness set point to what I term as Marathon ready

These goals deserve full posts on their own. Pursuing them will require some changes in training. As a bonus I think those changes will be a little more time friendly. Based on the last year that’s something that’s need.







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