A Silly Mistake In Marathon Training

Has a silly mistake derailed my marathon training?

General Preparation Phase for the Marathon Project 2021

That Sub 3 hour Marathon

Originally planned to cover 8 weeks. I’m calling it at 6 weeks.

How did it go?

There was a loose structure I followed, a 9 day cycle:

  • Easy
  • Easy
  • Hill Circuit
  • Med-Long
  • Rest
  • VO2 Intervals (short)
  • Easy
  • Easy
  • Long Run

I got reasonably close to this, but there were a few deviations.

I’ll break the stats out over the more typical 7 day week, Monday to Sunday so it makes better sense to more people.

Weekly mileage:

  1. 60km
  2. 57km
  3. 64km
  4. 64km
  5. 37km
  6. 12km

The 1st 4 weeks gave me an average of 61km/week

They went close to plan. I hit most of my targets. Stuffed up some pacing. Struggled through some runs. But also noticed some improvement in my long run.

It was going well.

Week 5 was deliberately lower in volume because of a heavier work week and other commitments. I also used it as an opportunity to get a 5km time at the local Park Run. More on that coming up.

Mistake In Marathon Training: Week 6

Did your mother ever tell you not to run in the house? …. Especially on the stairs?

I was running up the stairs to get ready for a long run.

Hoping it was just some pain and then I’d be right run….

… nup… not that lucky.

Yes my shin hurt, maybe the bone was bruised… likely

The problem is I must have smash where the patella tendon inserts. It was swollen and bruised.

Running wasn’t a good idea anymore.

Last thing I need is a problem with the patella tendon after all the work I’ve done to get my Achilles’ tendon under control.

So no long run… 2 days off.

An easy run, felt fine.

The fall was on Monday. Thursday I felt right and ran a hill circuit. It went really well.

But on Friday the tendon swollen again and fairly angry as I went out for a run. I ended up walking instead.

Such a simple and silly mistake. I just missed a step.

Yet the result is most of a week of training is knocked away.

This my running friends is one the reasons I am taking a long build up to the marathon.

To give that buffer for when things go wrong.

Diamond Creek Park Run

A relaxed 4km warm up gets me to the start line.

Diamond Creek is a mainly flat 5km, with a couple of small bumps on the way.

Concrete bike path. Quite a good course to set a benchmark at.

I ran 19:54.

Plugging this in the McMillan Running Calculator gives a prediction of 3:13 for the marathon.

24 weeks out I happy with this.

Calling The General Preparation Phase Early

I now have a race benchmark to base some training times off.

The trip on stairs has given a clear line in training

My work roster has clear change here

Plus my head is ready to move on

It’s just right…

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