Increasing Running Volume By A Lot

I’m increasing running volume by a lot over 4 weeks.

Over the last year my average run volume has been 64km per week. My consistency had been lacking. I’ve decided to raise that volume by a lot!


My number one reason is just like running a lot.

Increasing Running Volume Has Risks

  1. injury
  2. loss of power/ speed
  3. Deterioration in form

I’ve on a leave block from work. So I’ve got a lot of freedom of time to get this done. We weren’t meant to go on a holiday. But you know, all those restrictions killed that.

So I’m running instead.

Countering the risks

My strategies to mitigate the risks will address all 3. And is difficult to separate into different categories. So here’s my 5 guiding principles:

  1. Run relaxed (keep form, don’t worry about intensity, pace or heart rates). Keep it easy and smooth
  2. Strength train (fit enough to run a lot, instead of running a lot to be fit)
  3. Sprints: add sprints at the end most easier runs
  4. Gently add in moderate hill repeats… I better explain this one a little more…
  5. Be versatile. The most important thing I can do is not be rigid in following the plan. Instead I need to pay attention to how my body is reacting. Appreciate the difference between basic soreness and potential injury.

The Outline

  1. Long 2:10 +10min each week
  2. Easy 80-90min + sprints
  3. Hill repeats
  4. Easy 80-90min + sprints
  5. Long 2:10 +10min each week
  6. Easy 90-120min trails
  7. Easy 80-90min + sprints

This is only a guideline and the easy days in particular will likely vary a bit.

How Far Will I Run?

Somewhere between 100-125km/wk I think.

But I’m not chasing a specific distance.

That’s the basics of the plan. There’s even more details in the video:

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