Lockdown 4.0 140km Running ChALLENGE

I needed a lockdown running challenge.

Through 2020 I didn’t take up any challenge or virtual race. In 2021 going into Lockdown number 4 for 7 days had me questioning if I should put so much into long term plans.

I’m still training for the Melbourne Marathon in October…


…I’m now going to chase other goals and experiences along the way.

So this is why I came up with the Lockdown 4.0 140km Challenge. 

The Rules

  1. Run 20km each day
  2. Stay within 5km radius of home
  3. Must be completed in 2hours
  4. Go for 7 days
  5. Total 7x20km = 140km

Garmin Forerunner Set Up

  • No heart rate zones
  • 5km auto lap 
  • Turnaround alarm at 1 hour

Just means I run and have a couple of alarms to ensure I stay within the timeframe

Extending Lockdown

We find out the lockdown is going to continue for at least another week.

I’ll stick with the initial challenge, and after we’ll see what’s next.


I did it.

Some aspects were easier than expected.

Some were harder.

Now I’ve reset my running baseline… it’s higher!

Set yourself a challenge and you may find you can do more than you thought

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