Melbourne Marathon 10 Weeks Out

The plans had to change.

Goal Refresher

 Sub 2:58:29 to get a PB

I ran that in 2009, 12 years ago!

  • Training times say I’m not there.
  • My gut feeling backs that up
  • I have 10 weeks to fix this.

Here’s the new plan:

  1. Focussed only on the marathon
  2. Hard runs are full on
  3. Other runs are very, very easy

3 hard runs:

  1. Long intervals (4-6x2km, 2min rest)
  2. Run of truth (alternating kilometres over under race pace)
  3. Long run… no slacking

I’ll try to take 2 days easy in between, but life schedule will impact this.

It’s hard running, and no doubt will feel relentless. The progression will come from the hard runs getting longer (not really faster). 

Let’s see how this unfolds. I think there’ll be a lessons along the way

Why The New Plan?

I really needed to make my long runs longer.

But we went into Lockdown 5.0

  1. Limit exercise up 2 hours once per day
  2. Within 5km from home

That puts a spammer in the works. Bit hard to push the long run out in lockdown

Good thing it’s only for 5 days…

But we need to extend for another 7 days (total 12 days).


This lockdown felt like it dragged.

It seemed to suck more energy from the kids this time. I think that carried over to myself as well.

I trained. 

I skipped a lot of the strength work. Struggling to have enough energy. But I did all my runs within the limits.

Good news is we were out after 12 days.

Now there’s 10 weeks left

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