New Running Plan

Over the last four weeks I have experimented with my run training. I haven’t followed a normal training program. Instead I’ve tested how I respond to different types of run sessions. This has led to a new running plan.


Why Have I Experimented?


I have a goal to regain my running form from younger days. Looking to challenge my marathon personal best.

At 40 years old I cannot do the same training that got me there. The training I have been doing over the last couple of years won’t get me there either. Changes need to be made.

So I took some time to test the effect of different runs.



Key Lessons?


The higher volume, slower running that has been a mainstay of ultra marathon training has changed my over running style. Muscle imbalances have built up over time and my body is less able to handle fast running.


Anaerobic threshold runs raise my fitness quickly, but the down side is strong. My sleep quality gets effected. Three days later I tend to feel extra flat and struggle to run any quality for a couple of days


Fast running broken into intervals is improving all my running at all speeds. The greatest effect is when I keep the volume at a level that doesn’t bury me in the session. Where I feel like I can do at least one more repeat.


The Result


Less volume and more speed supplemented with strength training.


Running Plan


9 day training cycle:

  1. Short and Easy run (30min)
  2. Steady Run 45-60min
  3. VO2 Intervals 400m-1200m with 3min recovery (total 2-6km of intervals)
  4. Easy Run 45-60min
  5. day off (sleep after night shift)
  6. Long Intervals 2-4km at Marathon to Half Marathon pace with 5-2min recovery
  7. Easy Run 45-60min
  8. Long Run of 2 hours (slower than marathon pace, but far from a slow jog)
  9. Easy to Steady Run depending on how I feel.


Mixed amongst this week will be strength training. Two dedicated session out of each 9 days focussing on legs and core. Upper body will be mixed amongst life, without a set session. For me this allows me to get more work in than if I try to set more specific times.


How To Run


Quality is the priority. Hitting the targeted paces in the right way is more important than getting in another repetition or running an extra kilometre. To a point the aim is to get the speeds right then follow up with volume as my body adapts. Both volume and pace will adapt over time. They play off each other. As a result I will review the program every 4 weeks.

This training program is backed by the concepts I have covered in following posts:


Let me know what you think or if you have questions.







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