Running A Lot: The Reality

I increased my running volume by a lot.

4 weeks of running a lot more.
Before we hit the lessons learned, let’s begin with the numbers:

  • 4 weeks
  • Total 405km
  • Average 101km per week
  • Each week:
  • 1. 112km
  • 2. 109km
  • 3. 64km
  • 4. 120km

Heart rate: zones… almost all mixed between what many call zones 1&2, below 80%HRmax.

I ran some sprints and moderate hill reps in there.
To support it all I performed some strength training, but less than planned.

This was an increase up from an average of 64km/week.

That’s the context and the numbers.

But there’s more to the story…

The Running Story

Running felt different almost everyday.
It was hard to predict how I would feel, except for one thing…

… If i ran harder and/or faster (hill reps or just pushed the run a bit more) then it took a lot out of me over the next couple of days.

The big increase in volume had me on the edge of recovery and absorbing the training.

I got it wrong

One of my long runs in week 2 was slow and short. I really struggled. But a couple days later I was feeling good and decided to make up that run.

This was a mistake.

Week 3 fell apart.

I felt terrible. No energy. My legs were getting stiff and staying sore.

So I took a day off and then jumped back into the scheduled long run.


I needed another 2 days off.
Week 3 still covered 64km but I was way off the plan.

With the extra recovery at the end of week 3, the 4th week was back on track!

No injury

I made it through without injury.

Because I took the recovery I needed in the 3rd week I finished strong.
A 4 week dose of training that’s added to my fitness, not just survived through it all.

I avoided that risk.

Am I faster or slower?

Not really.

My easy runs are a little quicker on most of them for the same effort level. But that’s it on pace at the moment.

The sprints feel better now. I feel smoother when I run them. So I at least avoided any loss of speed or power.

The biggest change is running just feels better overall. Smooth and more natural.

My form feels good, maybe even improved. So I avoided that risk.

The original for the increase in running volume can be found in Increasing Running Volume By A Lot.

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