Sleep Beer Run: Training Log

Easy runs aren’t so easy when you add beer.

It’s amazing how you can set yourself up to fail. The final run of the week almost didn’t happen.


Before we get into the details, the overview went like this:

  • Regeneration 50min
  • Long 2 hours (20km)
  • Recovery work: no run
  • Regeneration 50min
  • 8x1000m @ HM pace w/200m jog
  • Easy 60min
  • Easy 60min

Total 71km

Not a bad base week of training. Seemed to suit my current fitness levels.





Having successfully convinced myself of the importance of sleep I slept in as much as possible on Sunday. If you can call 6:30am a sleep in. That was time to eat some breakfast and get into the logistics of the kids’ sport for the day.


I congratulated myself on getting in the sleep hours I need.


This created a problem. I lied to myself and decided I could my run in between everything else. Every thing else turned into the end of season presentation for the footy. There is no way you would ever pull kids away from jumping castles. While that was happening it was only right to contribute to the club’s social fund and purchase some beverages.


The morning turned into an awesome afternoon. Awesome sunshine, some beers, friends and family mixed together. A good way to spend a Sunday.





Completely forgetting about running I was quite content. On return home it wasn’t long before dinner. It was then I had feeling that I’d forgotten something.


What could it be?


Out the corner of my eye I spotted some running shoes. They taunted me, “you should’ve gotten up early.” That was a bit rude. “No run for you now. It’s too late.”


For a moment I believed them.





Better turn it around. There wasn’t any reason I couldn’t fit a run in now. “What about those beers?” Good point, they weren’t going to sit well. Reminiscing back 20 years I channeled my old recovery abilities. I used to do most of my long runs after a big night after only a couple of hours sleep. This time I had the sleep thing sorted. It was only the beers this time.


Those running shoes ended up on my feet. The easy run wasn’t quite as easy as it should have been.

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